ООО "Блок"

г. Москва,
ул. Шарикоподшипниковская, д. 13, стр. 46

Тел.: +7 (495) 287-00-38

email: zakaz@bloknote.net

Only persons who attended the user training session may use this product.

The product is heavy. When unpacking or moving the box, you must be accompanied with many people.

If you don't, that might be the reason for damage on the product or fatal injury.

Be careful not to allow a part of your body or other alien substance wound into the gear or the chain.

That's the reason for injury and malfunction of the machine.

The laminating roller is very hot. If your body contacts it, you might suffer a burn.

Please, avoid installing the product at places listed below.

A place with sudden temperature change - eg.

A place with a heater such as a stove, or a place near the ventilation hole of AC

A place with a possible cause of fire

A place exposed to the direct sunlight

A place with lots of dust or vibration

An unstable place such as a dark place, a tilted ground

Don't place an object on the product. The upper part of the main body is hot, objects on the surface will be deformed or the equipment will malfunction.

During operation, the upper part of the machine and the film right after laminating are very hot. You might suffer a burn injury.

Don't use this equipment for purposes other than laminating. That's the reason for accidents and malfunction.

Please, arrange the surrounding during laminating.