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Electrical Source


Before moving the product, please turn off the power and remove the plug from the consent. A damaged chord is the reason for a fire or an electrical shock.

After using the product, the plug must be removed from the consent.

Don't arbitrarily replace the power plug.

You must always obey the voltage and the phase in the specification.

Installation and use

Please, install the product on a flat floor and make sure that the wheel and the height control leg are locked.

After initial installation or moving of the product , make sure that inspect the product according to the basic inspection procedure.

When moving the product outside the room, use the forklift truck.

Except when loading a paper, don't insert a part of your body into the bottom of the loading table

You might be exposed to fatal injury especially in the middle of operation.

Don't go under the bottom of the product.

When replacing a roll film weighing 25kg or more, more than two persons must lift it together.

Don't use the product for any other purposes. Obey the procedure and the method in the user's manual.