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Electrical Source


Don't connect or remove the plug with wet hands. You might be electrically shocked.

  This product consumes a large amount of electricity during its operation.

If you connect this equipment with a power cable with insufficient capacity or an old cable, a fire might break out due to electrical leakage.

Do no use a voltage or an electrical source other than indicated. That's a reason for a fire and an electrical shock.

  Insert the plug deeply into the socket so that it won't shake. If not, it's a reason for a fire due to the abnormally heated consent.

  Make sure that it's grounded for safety.

In case of malfunction or electrical leakage, there's a possible danger for an electrical shock.

Don't damage or deform the power chord or the plug. That's a reason for a fire or an electrical shock.

Don't bend or pull the power chord too hard. Don't place the power chord under a heavy object. You might damage the power chord and that's a reason for a fire or an electrical shock.