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ул. Шарикоподшипниковская, д. 13, стр. 46

Тел.: +7 (495) 287-00-38

email: zakaz@bloknote.net

Installation and use

If inflammable or combustible substance is around, it might be a reason for a fire.

Don't use this product in an airtight space.

If you connect the electrical source of external equipment to this product, there's a possible danger for a fire due to electricity.

Users must not disassemble, repair or remodel this product. That's a reason for a fire and an electrical shock.

Please, get help from the retailer for inspection and repair of the inner main body.

Please, avoid wearing loose outfits such as a necktie, a necklace or shirts with a long lace.

Such an outfit might get stuck into the roller or the rotating part and you might be exposed to fatal injury.

Do not manipulate or remodel the safety device or the safety switch. You might be exposed to fatal injury.

Don't place liquid such as water on the top of the equipment. That's a reason for an electrical shock and malfunction.

Don't use a combustible spray or flammable substance when cleaning the exterior and the interior of the equipment. A fire might broke out.

Please, keep the equipment away from children. There's danger for an electrical shock or a scald.