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Power Connection


   Caution: This product consumes a large amount of electricity during its operation. If you connect this equipment with a power cable with insufficient capacity or an old cable, a fire might break out due to electrical leakage.


  Caution: For your safety, please make sure that it is grounded properly.

If not, excessive static electricity will occur during operation and it will even cause the malfuction of the equipment.

In case of malfunction or electrical leakage, there is possible danger for electrical shock.

  Caution: If you arbitrarily replace the power plug attached to the product, it might cause a serious problem to your safety. When you would like to replace the plug, ask for help from the retailer or our service cenl

  Caution: Make sure the power is turned off before connecting to the source of electricity.

If not, there is possible danger for injury due to sudden operation of the equipment.

  Caution: Do not connect other euipment simultaneously to the consent which is connected to our product.

Due to the excessive power consumption, a fire might break out.

  Caution: If you make a wrong phase connection to the source of electricity, it might cause the damage to the equipment or start a fire.

  Caution: Insert the plug deeply into the socket so that it will not shake. If not, it is a reason for a fire due to the abnormally heated consent.