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How to use Control Panel

Control Panel Composition

Control Panel consists of 2 displays that show usage condition and machine status.

Control Panel Composition

Control Panel is composed of HMI(HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE)/TOUCH SCREEN and compositions are as follow.

1. Main Display : Set up the function of feeder condition and each parts including feeding table.

2. Alarm Display : Release the emerbengy stop and shows the condition of system.

Control Panel CompositionWhen selected, color of the each menu will change to confirm the proper process and picture in the right will show up. If you pressed desired value and select "ENTER", set value will change and display will disapear.

Control Panel CompositionPlease select the desired menu as in the left picture if you would like to move to certain page.

Caution: If you press the control panel with great physical force when selecting the desired menu, Display may be damaged. Touch it smoothly with finger tip.