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Connecting Air Pipes

Connecting air pipes

<strong>Connecting air pipes

For pressure of laminating roller and operation of bursting roller, inflow of compressed air from the outside is required. Please, use a compressor with capacity of 5 horse power or more.

To facilitate inflow of compressed air from the outside, air plug is used.

If an air plug is included in the package, please insert a hose as shown in the fight figure.

An air plug is installed on the equipment.

Remove front and back part from the air socket.

Connect an air hose with the air socket.

Assemble the front and the back part of air socket.

Connect the air socket with the plug.

Reference: a lot of moisture is generated when the compressor makes compressed air.

Please, install a filter at the outlet of compressor before using the equipment.

A dry filter located at the inlet of the equipment and the outlet of external compressor requires removal of moisture at least once a day.