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Feeder Origin of Feeding Device

Feeder Origin of Feeding DeviceInitial status for feeding the substrates.

  Reference: Feeding Table will not come up if feeding device is not located its feeder origin position.

"Vaccum On/Off"

Functions as selecting On/Off status of the Vaccum Pump.

On - Vaccum Pump starts.

Off - Vaccum Pump stops.

"Burst On/Off"

Button for operating the bursting roller

On - Bursting Roller will run.

Off - Bursting Roller will stop.

"Burst Offset"

Feeder Origin of Feeding DeviceShows the running point of Bursting Roller.

Bursting Timing Set Range is "580-660".

610-620 is recommended for setting value.

  Reference: Refer to the function of each button for paper cutting timing setting procedure.

"Table Auto"

Runs the table automatically while operating the product.

"Table Manual"

Runs the table manually.