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How to use Main Devices

Feeding Device


It is a device to help that each sheet of paper can be absorbed by a Pick-Up Sucker.

It also helps to prevent tha sheets are scattered by the Blower's Air.

Position a foot of Separator within 5mm from edges of sheets as shown in right picture.


It is used for blowing air between the sheets of paper so as to separate by each sheet when Pick-Up Sucker is operated.

  Reference: Separator and Blower are available to adjust a position as shown in the right picture. On the Separator.

BLAST FOOTBlast Foot & Rear Giude3 - BLAST FOOT

It is used for blowing air between lifted sheets and piled sheets.

When Pick-Up Sucker is operated so that the sheets are reached properly. put the Blast Foot as adjusting a front or rear position for the feeding and position Blast Foot within 7~8mm form the edge of sheets as shown in the right picture.


It is used for blocking the sheets which is behind in feeding.


It is used for lifting a sheet and maintaining a ready feeding.

The Pick-Up Cup is recommended to lift about 20mm from the papers.

Pick-Up Cup & Blast