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Feeding Device Setting Procedure

1. Load the paper on the feeding table after adjusting the guide with paper size by using the paper guide control handle.

Feeding Device Setting Procedure

  Reference: Please make air layer between paper and paper when you load the paper like in the picture <1_2>.

This is for protecting the feeding error by static and stick the paper by ink

The paper loading condition is important to reduce the feeding error.

Feeding Device Setting Procedure

Picture 1_2

  Reference: If loading surface happens to be different height like in the Picture<1_3>, adjust the height by using the wedge which is packed with machine.

Too much difference in loading surface height can cause feeding error

- We do not recommend below substrate conditions.

Feeding error or Wrinkles might occur.

  1. Paper edge has wrinkles or is bent
  2. Paper is sensitive with heat
  3. Paper is waved by moisture

Feeding Device Setting Procedure

Picture 1_3