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  • Check machine according chapter 5.4
  • Check tightness of screw joints Once a year

  • Change fluid of hydraulic system
  • check hydraulic system for leakage
  • check hydraulic hoses for wear
  • check all flexible pipes
  • Inspect the machine condition overall.

8 Trouble shooting

8.1 In general

Before trouble shooting the machine, the following has to be observed:

Person working on trouble shooting of the machine should be aware at all times that moving machine parts can cause bodily injuries-

  • Trouble shooting must be done only by trained and responsible persons.
  • Before trouble shooting the machine, the power supply must be cut off.
  • Make sure nobody can switch on the power supply during trouble shooting, thus putting the press back into operation.
  • Trouble shooting of the hydraulic system is only allowed with the no- pressure applied to the hydraulic system.
  • During trouble shooting any leak of hydraulic fluid has to be absorbed with adequate binder immediately and disposed according to the local regulations and laws!
  • Before putting the machine back to operation check if all safety cover plates are remounted and the function of all safety devices is OK.