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6.6 Tying of the bale

  • Tying of the bale
    • Open the filling flap 7 pressing chamber door. The unique door look prevents sudden opening of the door
    • Pull the baling twine from behind the bale as a loop with the baling tool through the slots in the pressure ram to the front of the ram
    • Pull tight the loop
    • Cut open the loop at the upper edge of the bale after making sure its long enough to join.
    • Remove the baling twine end from the lower baling clamp and join it with the upper end with a good and tight knot.

Be sure not to join the loose baling twine end from the twine roller with the baling twine end from the lower baling clamp!

Tying of the bale

For passing through the baling twine use only the baling tool delivered. Don’t put your hands inside the pressing channels!