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6. Operation

6.1 In general

  • For further information on the subject refer to Appendix 3

The single chamber press EK700 or single chamber press EK800 will be filled with sorted material. After the pressing, holding-down clamps prevent an expansion of the compressed material. After reaching the maximum pressing force of 40 kN / 60 kN, the making of the bale is finished. With the door open, the pressure ran can be lifted up via the two-hand trip guard, the operator thus standing left of the machine.

6.2 Description of the machine components

6.2.1 Pressing chamber

  • Base frame out of solid welded steel plate
  • A squared tube guidance take over the occurring forces. The tubes are guided itself in bearings out of high strength synthetic material
  • 2 holding- down clamps swinging out in the pressing chamber door and to in the back wall prevent a material expansion after pressing, this guarantees a large loading chamber
  • For opening the pressing chamber door, the filler flap has to be opened first. In addition the door lock of the pressing chamber is secured by a spring loaded catch.
  • The sensor of the magnet switch on the machine frame protects the filling flap during the pressing cycle. If the flap will be opened, the machine shuts off its cycle.
  • The pressing force will be transferred via a hydraulic cylinder to the pressure ram.