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5.3 Preparation for working

The single chamber press EK700 or single chamber press EK800 will be delivered with a lowered hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, preparation for working must be performed by trained and expert personnel.

Preparation for working has to be performed by trained and expert personne

5.4 Check list

After delivery and each transport and installation. Check the machine as follow:

Check the machine of completeness (see delivery note)

Look for damages (make a report immediately)

Check hydraulic fluid level

Safety check (3.5 Appendix: Prescriptions for prevention of accidents)

Connect electric power (chapter 5.2)

Check electrical function of the door safety (open doors)

Place operation instructions close to the machine within everybody's reach

Place safety regulations good visible to the machine

Choose trained personnel for maintenance / trouble shooting

Choose trained person for safety checks

Train operator personnel