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4 Transport and storage

4.1 Transport

In case of considerable variation in temperature during the transport condensed water may arise in the machine. Condensed water causes failures at the valves and other hydraulic and electric switching devices.
Therefore: Please avoid variations in temperature!

4.1.1 Packing, transport and moving

New machines are delivered in accordance with the HPEpacking guidelines, which have been set up by the federal association wood means, pallets, export packing e. V. and of the Union of German Manufactures of Machines.

Depending on the kind and the duration of a transport in the customers plant, the following protection have to be provided

  • Before transporting / moving the machine to a different place, disconnect the power supply, roll up the power cord and fasten it to the machine
  • Transporting is only allowed with closed doors. The pressure ram has to be on the lowest position: You must locate the centre of gravity from the machine and the same measure right and left go from this centre and there you must fasten the lifting wire or go with the fork of your fork lift
  • The press should be transported with a fork lift . The forks must be under the chambers bottom.

Make sure:

    • TUV-proved fork lift with the necessary lifting power
    • Have a special eye to the necessary safety precautions,
    • The forks must be completely underneath the press, thus the back of the frame will be carried by the forks
    • The forks must be separated at the possible maximum, at least 1000 mm
    • The machine centre of gravity, depending on the amount of the pressing chambers and the position of the pressing head, must be between both forks
  • Staying under the lifted load is forbidden!
  • During transport, any leak of hydraulic fluid has to be absorbed with adequate binder immediately and disposed according to the regulations and laws!