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3.5 Appendix: Prescriptions for prevention of accidents

The prescriptions for prevention of accidents VGB 76 has always to be observed.

General instructions for presses


  • Presses must always be operated and maintained by persons who are instructed or they are fully trained and from whom it can be expected that they will do their job in a reliable way
  • The employer has to take care that the manual delivered by the manufacturer of the press will be observed. If necessary he has to be prepare a supplementary manual
  • It's not allowed to open the press chambers doors during the pressing of material.
  • For pulling through the baling twine use only the delivered baling twine tool. Do not put your hands inside the press chambers


  • Cleaning of the machine or machine parts while the machine is in operation is strictly forbidden. The machine must be turned off..
  • During cleaning the machine, the power supply must be cut off. Make sure, nobody can switch on the power supply, thus putting the press back into operation.
  • A cleaning instruction, suitable for the locations conditions should be prepared and it should be observed that this will be kept.

Trouble shooting

  • Trouble shooting of the hydraulic system is only allowed with no-pressure to the hydraulic system

Adjustment / Maintenance

  • If during adjustment /maintenance work, safety devices have to be put out of operation, this must be done by trained and competent persons.