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Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom Reasons for malfunction and troubleshooting
PAPER FEEDIN When the Feeding Table doesnot go

1. When the feeding device is stopped in other position.

→ Reposition the feeding device selecting with a menu of "FEEDER ON" in "MAIN" screen of the control panel.

2. When an Emergency Switch is running.

→ Release Emergency switch at first and select an "ACCEPT" menu in "ALARM" section of control panel to return the system. And repeat above no. 1.

When the sheets do not insert

1. When a PICK UP CUP is too away from the sheets.

→ Turn right the feeding height adjustment knob as to raise the feeding device.

Then, try again to raise the feeding table.

A height that the Pick-Up Cup lifts a sheet is recommended to 20mm.

2. When Air pressure from the VACUUM PUMP is few.

→ It is recommended to keep an original setting conditions.

But it could be a little bit decreased the air pressure.

Turn right the vacuum pump pressure adjustmnet handle as to increase.

3. When the vacuum pump is defective.

→ Relace the vacuum pump. Please contact the supplier.

4. When the Input Pressure's phase on the vacuum pump was changed and the pump is running in revrse.

→ Change the Input Pressure's Phase.

Immediaely stop the operation. And contact the supplier.

5. When the sheet curling is too much toward to the bottom.

→ Adjust the sheets can be at a same level as shown in right picture.

6. When the Stoppers are defective or when the link fixing bolts are loosened.

→ Exchange a cylinder.

Please contact the suppier.

→ Tighten Link Fixing Bolt.

7. When the Separators for the feeding device are pressed to the sheets or positioned too much inside a sheet.

8. When the REAR GUIDE is too much closed to the sheets.

9. When the BLAST FOOT's air is feable.