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  • How to check the malfunction of Table Motor

1) DC24V LED is not Lighted on the 650 IFM Board.

1. Input terminal of DC24V is released.

2. 650 IFM Board is damaged.

2) When you press the Emergency S/W, DI1 LED is not lighted on & Feeder Motor cannot control the operation.

- Message of Emergency Alarm is displayed.

1. Terminal of Emergency S/W is disconnected.

2. Terminal of Emergency S/W connection block is disconnected.

3) Input DI2 LED for High Limit S/W is not lighted on & Table Motor is not working.

1. Message of High Limit alarm is displayed.

2. Terminal for High Limit S/W is disconnected.

4) Press Table Motor Up/Down on Touch Screen, but Table Motor is not working.

1. Check Feeder Active S/W and Origin. If Origin is not fixed, Feeder Motor is in malfunction status.

- When the Origin of Feeder Motor is fixed, press the Up/Down S/W to check the Table Motor status.

2. Press the Product In Limit S/W and Input DI3 LED is not blinking or lighted on, the terminal is disconnected.

5) Input DI5 LED of the Low Limit S/W is not lighted on and Table Motor is not working.

1. Message of Low Limit alarm is displayed on the Touch Screen.

2. Terminal of Low Limit S/W is disconnected.

  If above status is normal after re-download the program.

Please check the LOCAL status of below drive.